U.S. Supreme Court on Lockdown Due to Suspicious Vehicle

The Supreme Court Justices just returned to work -- beginning work on cases related to Roe v. Wade -- and the court is on lockdown, surrounded by cops investigating a security threat. U.S Capitol Police say a suspicious vehicle is parked near the… ... Continue Reading

Dave Chappelle Says DaBaby Offending LGBT was Worse Than Killing Someone

DaBaby killing a man wasn't even nearly as offensive as him going after the LGBT community, which torpedoed his career ... a disparity Dave Chappelle says doesn't sit well with him. The comedian's got a new stand-up special on Netflix, and right… ... Continue Reading

Brian Laundrie's Sister Details Last Time She Saw Him During Camping Trip

Cassie Laundrie is sticking to her story -- namely, that the last time she saw Brian was during a family camping trip after he'd returned to Florida (sans Gabby Petito) ... which she says was totally normal. The guy's sibling spilled what she… ... Continue Reading

Andrew Wiggins Says He Felt 'Forced' To Get Vaccine, 'You Don't Own Your Body'

Andrew Wiggins is making it clear -- he did NOT want to take the COVID vaccine ... telling media members Monday he felt like the NBA and the government "forced" him into getting the shots. "The only options were to get vaccinated or not play in the… ... Continue Reading

Dog the Bounty Hunter's TV Show Prospects Pick Up Amid Brian Laundrie Search

Dog the Bounty Hunter's return to TV is imminent ... or so it seems based on the interest he's garnering since joining the manhunt for Brian Laundrie. Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ ... Dog's been contacted by multiple networks over… ... Continue Reading

Grimes Helping Communism Become Mainstream, Says Party Official

Grimes boning up on some Karl Marx has America's Communist Party applauding the singer ... because they say she's advancing their cause. A spokesperson for Communist Party USA tells TMZ that even though the singer has said she doesn't identify as a… ... Continue Reading

Smash Mouth Singer Steve Harwell on Hiatus Due to Heart Issues

Fear not, Smash Mouth fans ... Steve Harwell's recent absence is due to health conditions, but he's on the mend and will soon hit the stage again. A rep for the American rock band tells TMZ ... Steve had not been feeling well due to issues with… ... Continue Reading

Britney Spears & Madonna's 2003 VMAs Kiss to be Auctioned as NFT

The famous shot of Madonna kissing Britney Spears on stage at the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards will soon have a new owner in the digital world ... it's being auctioned off as an NFT. The actual photo of the iconic kiss was taken by Hollywood… ... Continue Reading

Cleveland Will Continue To Sell Indians Merch, Donate Proceeds To Charity

Cleveland fans looking to honor the team's history will be able to get their hands on old merchandise AND help out a good cause at the same time -- 'cause TMZ Sports has learned the Guardians will continue to roll out Indians merch ... with… ... Continue Reading

'Darrin's Dance Grooves' 'Memba Him?!

Bronx-based choreographer Darrin Henson was in his mid-30s when he switched roles ... from the guy behind the camera credited with creating some of the best moves in the music industry ... to the instructor on the wildly popular how-to dance DVD's… ... Continue Reading

Brian Laundrie's Sister Says She Doesn't Know if Her Parents Are Involved in Disappearance

Brian Laundrie's sister says she doesn't have the slightest clue where he is ... and she says she simply doesn't know if her parents are in on his mysterious disappearance. Brian's sister, Cassie, confronted a group of protestors outside her… ... Continue Reading

Britney Spears Thanks 'Free Britney' Movement for Conservatorship Changes

Britney Spears is addressing her #FreeBritney crusaders for the first time since her monumental court hearing ... letting them know she knows what they've done for her. Britney just went on Twitter -- Instagram's been down, if ya haven't heard --… ... Continue Reading

Sen. Elizabeth Warren Praises FB Whistleblower, Says She's Saving Democracy

Elizabeth Warren says the Facebook employee who blew the lid on how they allegedly put profits over accuracy says she shouldn't be called a whistleblower ... but a patriot. The U.S. Senator was on Capitol Hill Monday, where we got a chance to ask… ... Continue Reading

George Floyd's Brother Open To Meeting With NYC Statue Vandal

George Floyd's brother says he's open to meeting the man who threw paint onto a bust of George in NYC ... so they can leave the hate behind, heal, and move forward. Terrence Floyd tells TMZ ... seeing George's statue vandalized tells him there's… ... Continue Reading

George Floyd's Brother Wants To Meet With NYC Statue Vandal

George Floyd's brother says he wants to meet the man who threw paint onto a bust of George in NYC ... so they can leave the hate behind, heal, and move forward. Terrence Floyd tells TMZ ... seeing George's statue vandalized tells him there's still… ... Continue Reading